aw yiss look at that! 

I love you Faranak bb thank you ♥ ! (your drawing is amazing ok ? - and so is your handwriting tbh)

and I’m keeping your cute little message for myself omg ♥ thank youuuu aw I’m so happy it came through this time !

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Tag Game !

  • Rule 1: Always post the rules.
  • Rule 2: Answer all the questions from the person who tagged you and post them. Also write 11 new questions.
  • Rule 3: Tag 11 more people and put a link in their ask boxes.
  • Rule 4: You can’t answer questions unless you were tagged by the poster.
  • Rule 5: Tag the person who tagged you.
  • Rule 6: It’s gonna be a vicious circle then, haha.


  1. Best memory of 2012 ? I DON’T KNOW OMG going to see The Avengers in Paris maybe ? I have no idea…
  2. A TV show/film you’ve been meaning to watch for a while but haven’t gotten around to actually watching it ? well, right now, I’d say Pushing Daisies
  3. Guilty pleasure ? eating in the middle of the night, I guess
  4. Favourite cast ? errr.. Doctor Who cast and The Hour cast and Secret Diary of a Call Girl cast omg…
  5. The character you can relate to most ? Mickey Smith?
  6. What are your biggest anxieties ? to vomit/to see people vomit/to be near someone who isn’t feeling well; to be “abandoned” by my friends; to never know what to do with my life
  7. An embarrassing moment ? nothing really comes to my mind right now but when i was working at mcdonalds, a man yelled at me because he didn’t have enough ice cream in his sundae, in front of all the customers and all the crew and the man behind him told me that he’d rather wait ‘till my colleague was done and yeah… It wasn’t really embarrassing but it hurt me because wow it’s not my fault if dude is an asshole, it doesn’t mean I’m gonna forget half your order
  8. Who do you fangirl over on Tumblr ? Annie, Olivia, Nata, Lia, Bri (but she’s gone nooo)
  9. Your favourite celebrity ? Tom Hiddleston (at the moment)
  10. That one OTP you’ll never get over ? um.. I don’t really have otps, so it’s kinda hard to answer that, but I’d say Hannah/Ben because ugh these two
  11. Your new years resolutions ? I never make new year’s resolutions… I think it’s a waste of time, considering that I know I’m not gonna keep them

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Alright, my questions now

  1. Favourite Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Don Bluth movie ?
  2. Last book you read ?
  3. Do you speak any other languages (other than English) ?
  4. Do you enjoy watching French movies ?
  5. What was your favourite movie/TV show when you were a kid ?
  6. What food/meal can you cook the best ?
  7. Can I get you some tea ?
  8. Or some cookies ?
  9. Do you like me ?
  10. Do you want to go out for teXTING AND SCONES ?
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and now i want to hug everybody aww

special mention to Amb, Faranak and Shafira, i love you guys so much!

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wheeee 8D thank.

you’re welcome!

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oh damn i haven’t shaved my legs in like forever i look like a yeti rn can i just wear a scuba suit and play is that acceptable

well… for you it is !

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8D haha loved it! yo quit talkin and throw the ball back at me let’s play BALL ohohoho



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watsonista replied to your post: i’m boooooooooooored

*throws a beach ball at you*

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wow you guys i don’t have the internet anymore and i have no idea when it’ll be back…

Emma and Faranak (and anyone who wants to send me a message) i don’t ignore you! Don’t worry~

Ok that’s all i wanted to say.. Don’t forget me!

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watsonista replied to your post: i’ve often wondered… can we sneeze in our sleep ?

oh shit i have no idea, but i remember waking up once just to sneeze and go back to sleep BUT I do know that you can’t sneeze with your eyes open, it’s impossibruuu! goodnight darling


I know that we can cough on our sleep, but can we sneeze aeudsvyed ?

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