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i can’t wait ‘till yves saint laurent is on the internet so i can make gifs of pierre niney and guillaume gallienne hehehehehe

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NOT THAT ANYONE CARES BUT TONIGHT IT’S THE CESARS (aka french oscars - on a smaller scale of course) AND I, FOR ONE, AM VERY EXCITED

(you might know that i kinda fell in love with this french movie and it has 10 nominations!!!!!!!!! i’m so excited and happy and proud omg i hope the movie - and its director/actor wins it all yayyyyy)

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in english class last tuesday this girl made a presentation about we need to talk about kevin and this boy was like who’s the mother ??????? and the teacher and the girl were like why it’s tilda swinton omg and the boy was like tilda what ??? is she famous at all ?????


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(i hugged aidan turner in my dream. He looked like mitchell and I looked like karen gillan and he was in love with me. it was awesome. Also he nearly got me dead because we were in some weird indian or arabic country (country that doesn’t exists irl ok) where people killed women as soon as they got in a particular neighbourhood if they didn’t praise their lord enough or something and aidan knew that but he also didn’t remember where the neighbourhood started. and he wanted to protect me because he loved me. bless. Did i say i touched him in my dream ?????)

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yesterday, i was watching the sign of three with my mum and at the end of the episode, at this moment

i told her “wow it must have been super expensive to rent something like that”

and she answered “well maybe they didn’t, maybe they just put some lights and music and pretended they were in it or something”

and i was like ??????? “what ? i was talking about john and mary”

and she laughed and said “but it’s not real !”



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so there’s this girl i used to be very good friend with but for the past year, we’ve barely spoken and now i just don’t know what she wants and what she thinks ? i don’t know if she still considers us friends, or used-to-be friends or acquaintances or someone she’ll always cherish because i was once a very good friend but now i’m from her past or someone she wants to keep in her life because that’s convenient ? i just don’t know and sometimes i want to let go of all this because, let’s face it, i know she’s sick (nothing serious) and her life’s not exactly perfect at the moment but i don’t know, i’m not an expert but i feel like when you’re friends with someone, you want to talk to them about things you like ? that’s what we used to do, but not anymore and i feel like my life would be a lot easier without all this questions… But at the same time, i don’t want to lose her ? and i probably want to get her out of my life to see if she cares to be honest… Also i don’t know if she doesn’t talk to me because that’s just the way she is, or because she’s too busy or because she’s friend again with this girl who used to be one of her best friends and she basically likes the same things i do except she reads comics so she probably think this other girl is way more interesting than me. I JUST DON’T KNOW. I want to talk to her about that but i don’t dare… I can’t just go talk to her out of the blue and be all like “hey so you hate me or what ? why do you ignore me ?” and when she finally talks to me, that’s not what i want to talk about… so yeah oh man, let me tell you, not wanting what someone wants from you is the worst.

EDIT: we were supposed to go to london together but in the end she couldn’t come and it’s gotten to the point where i’m pretty sure that she only wanted to come because she wanted to go to london and she didn’t really care if it was with me or someone else - in fact, i’m pretty sure she’d rather go with this other girl, but that’s probably just my twisted mind - she just wanted to go to london

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there’s this girl i talk to sometimes at uni and she asked my phone number and then she asked if she could add me on facebook and now she’s inviting me to her housewarming

and everytime she does something like that i’m genuinely like WHY DO YOU LIKE ME ??????

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