I don’t want to live as a rabid, going around hurting people without a thought in my head. It’s no kind of life. Once I turn, I turn for good and then I’m stuck. Stuck like that forever. It’s a fate worse than death, that’s why I need you to put me down before I go rabid.

When Kieren left, my family went into a freefall. Jemima became this white hot ball of rage that I couldn’t reason with and Steve…

every road is a slippery slope, there is always a hand you can hold on to 
looking deeper through the telescope, you can see that you’re home’s inside of you

Know that when you are gone, your legacy will be to have left Miss Lindsay in a world where she may be worth more dead than alive.

I just understood something extraordinary. In fact, the thing that sets women apart the most is their breath. It’s softer, more varied, less linear, less uniform. That’s it! Her breath is in a state of flux, depending if she is moved, or concentrated, or seductive, or charmed. I mean, men only have two ways to breathe: whether they’re calm or excited. It’s simple, they’re like dogs.

I have every right. You will never have. Not until you cease from judging the entire world as those above and those below and begin to see people as people. Human beings who think and feel no more or less than you do.