is Teen Wolf a really good show ?

  1. moiyoko answered: it’s amazing and even though the effects aren’t the best, because it’s mtv, it’s enjoyable.
  2. ebouteor answered: im starting to watch it soon myself, so far it only gave a good impression and smth new to ship for me XD
  3. apollonie answered: Not really. It’s kinda funny but definitely not the show of the year.
  4. hiddle-stoners answered: Eh, I watched about 3/4 of the first series. It was okay, probably worth at least a go :)
  5. mor-iarty said: It starts of pretty slow but it gets better. The main character is pretty shit but some of the supporting characters are amazing and the men take their tops off alot
  6. siriusandlily answered: as a show as a whole, it’s not really that great. but some of the characters are flawless. stiles is my hero, and lydia is a bamf.
  7. deviousplots answered: it’s not that great, honestly … i watch it for the characters — otherwise eh. it’s easy to live without.
  8. ohaldir answered: I also wanted to start it. So many people say it’s good so I’m excited.
  9. captkenway answered: I’ve watched the first few episodes… and it really does not seem that great.
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