Anonymous: "First off I come in peace and do not mean to start some kind of fight. But I have this legit question. Why some people flips out when they see their "edits" reposted. I mean I would have COMPLETELY understand if they have taken the photo themselves or it's a fanart or it's photomanip (the kind where someone head in someone else's body with some funny quote). But I am having difficulty when it is some brightening or sepiatoning done with photoshop. Why is it such a touching subject?"

Well, I don’t know about the others, but I guess it’s because even if it seems to be “just” some brightening or sepiatoning, it’s much more complicated than that and most of the time, people have spent long minutes (some times hours) on this edit and it’s quite frustrating to see your work, something that took you time, stolen by someone and claimed as theirs… do you understand what I mean ?

it’s not theirs, they don’t have the right to say so… it’s theft, pure and simple

  1. ohaldir said: I don’t get why some people don’t understand that at all and say ‘it’s only a photo’ or something. UGH -.-
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