"nah we can’t have female leads or characters of colour or gay characters or else our show will bomb"



sometimes the longest mile is the one you walk alone.

- I was interrogated in prison. And I guess I panicked. I didn’t want to be a risk to the people close to me, so…
- You deleted your friends?
- My friends, anyone who ever helped me, my family.
- Your family?
- Of course, my family.
- How could you do that?
- Well, I don’t know. I suppose I must have loved them.

Alfred Enoch in How to Get Away With Murder 1x01

This is Criminal Law 100, or as I prefer to call it, How to Get Away with Murder.


Pretty soon the only people left without a girlfriend will be me and Wendell the school janitor, and he smells like windex.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson


friendly reminder that little amelia thought the doctor was there to save her, but in the end, he lead her to her death (ʘ‿ʘ)